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Oh my, so very tired.  The house is only, I'd say, 50% packed.  Almost there.  We're leaving Saturday morning, and hoping the weather across the nation will cooperate.  I don't want to drive a van with a trailer through the snow.  Not cool...well, actually, it will be cool, but not "fun-cool", ya know.  harharhar.

Ok, dinner, beer and bed.  Thats about all I can handle tonight.  :)

*waves* Hello again.

Yeah, I know, I never update anymore.  Everything is so...normal.  And I like it.  We're getting ready to move.  I am ready for it, so I have most of the prep-work done already.  And we have 15 days until we leave.  We're going to Nebraska.  But don't tell anyone, Michael wants to keep it a secret from his family.  He's starting to be independent and not worrying about how they feel/think.  About freakin' time, methinks.  But yeah, Nebraska...what can I say?  It isn't far from home, so that is good, I guess.  It'll be good for my mom and for Jenni and the wedding and such.  But Nebraska is so different from Washington, so completely different.  I'll miss the water, the forests, the green, everything.  I think its going to be nice.  Plus, Michael won't have to deploy at all during his time at this duty station.  That is a big bonus.  It'll be weird living with him for 3 years straight.  We've never been through that before.  Haha! 

Like I said, everything is normal and that is great.  I find myself very content.  And content is good.  Yes?



Why must in-laws be so...hard to deal with?  Right when I feel that things may be smoothing out with them, something else happens and messes everything up again.  What happened to the days of accepting someone because thats the way they are?  I am independent, I like to have my way sometimes, I don't feel that I have to change, and my husband knows this and has known this about me from Day 1.  And he's very content with those aspects of me.  Yet his parents think I need to be more "Christian", I guess?  You know, that pushover wife that doesn't ever speak her mind in the relationship, the one who's job it is to "make babies, make dinner and go with what he wants" kind of thing.  That isn't me.  That will never be me.  Grr, it just makes me want to growl among other things. 

I think Michael and I should become hermits after his time with the military.  We can find a mountain somewhere and grow our own foods and such.  Sounds like a nice life, free of drama.  Drama...one can only wish that it would end after high school.

On a plus side, the husband will be home soon.  Very very very soon.  I can officially say that its about freaking time.  Time has dragged.

And I need to start planning books to read.  I always go into the library and pick randomly from the shelves.  Its fun, but I haven't really found anything that sticks around in my mind.  So, if anyone has suggestions, I am open.  I like fiction, and will read almost any genre.  Hook me up, yo!

Oh man...It's official

Aug. 26th, 2009

I'm still here.  I'm still alive.  Its just that time of year when every day starts looking the same.  I do the same things.  Its kinda boring and I don't want to bore everyone. 

One weird thing, my fingers and my brain aren't really connected today.  My brain wants one thing to appear on the screen, but my fingers insist on typing something else.  The backspace is getting a workout today.

I promise to update when something fun happens.  :D

I founds a meme!

I love these.  I just do.
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Van is fixed and I no longer smell like exhaust.  Yay me!



I smell like car exhaust.  EEW.  It never fails.  Michael is deployed and I have to work on the cars.  Boo.  I am not meant to be a grease monkey.

There isn't much happening here.  I wish I had more, so I could make a proper post, but I can't think of anything.

I wish I could have some tea right now, but all my teas have caffiene in them.  And I am out of beer.  Looks like it will be milk or orange juice for me. 

Ok, it appears this post was only  written so that I may complain throughout it.  Feel pity for me! 

Writer's Block: Call Me

Do you still use a landline at home, or do you rely completely on your cell phone?
We use both.  Originally, before moving to WA, we used only cells.  Then we moved here and our numbers were out of area, so we got a landline for local.  We use the landline for M's deployments and cell phone for whatever.

And can I just complain about the heat for a moment?  I usually don't mind the heat here in WA, (it's better than the heat in MO), but combine it with a chest cold and I am one miserable gal.  Who knew that an 80 degree house could make me feel worse?!?  Ugh.  Come on nighttime, give me your sweet blessed relief!

Ok, going to go down another glass of water...or maybe iced coffee?

Writer's Block: Places to Lay Your Head

How many different places (cities, houses, apartments, dorm rooms, etc.) have you lived in? Which is your favorite? And your least favorite?
Well...Let's see.  I have lived in 9 different cities, 2 different states, and 5 different types of housing.  I could list all the different names/types, but that would be a long list.  The gist of this post is...I love to move and uproot myself alot.  And being married to the military helps me with that.  We move every three years!  (I like it now, but ask me again in 6 years or so and I will probably hate it!  lol)

I feel like spending the rest of the day hibernating.  Ever since Michael left, all I want to do is read and occasionally play WoW.  Reading mainly.  And drinking iced coffee.  (Man, that'll keep ya up all night.  I learned my lesson on that one.  No caffiene after 6 for me.  I'm getting old...)  And since I have spent most of my time this last week hibernating, nothing is getting done in the house.  So many dishes...its scary.  Well, one more day of nonsense and I'll clean house tomorrow.

And I feel like a really nice glass of white wine.  Not cheap white wine, something good.  All the good stuff here is pricey.  I have expensive tastes!
In-laws were here, and now they're gone.  It wasn't a bad visit,  It wasn't perfect either, but alas, I can't complain too much.  At least it wasn't the fiasco that was "Christmas Vacation".  I did find a nice tea store in our adventures, and am now stocked up on some good varieties.  I was never a big fan of tea, until I learned that I was making it all wrong.  Now I want it more and enjoy the loveliness. 

Also, on an off note, I love Kaylee and Simon from Firefly.  Actually, I love most all of the characters, but those 2 are my favorites.  A friend brought over the series the other day and I have been all over them.  We chatted about it and can not figure out why it was canceled.  And although the movie was good, I feel that more episodes of the series would have been better.  I never found out why Shepherd was so kick ass...

Ok, I need to veg for a bit.  I feel as if I have been in constant motion for over a week now.